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Private Equity Portfolio Management


We create private equity partnerships with growth-oriented companies across Canada to develop a diverse industrial portfolio. Our focus is on mid-market, developing companies with outstanding growth horizons

About Us

Voros Enterprises is a Toronto-based private equity firm focused exclusively on investing in small-medium capital Canadian companies. We focus on driving growth through equity and debt investment, industry experience, and syndicated services. Our primary focus is on traditional industry businesses in the manufacturing, logistics, consumer products, and financial services.  

Solutions & Services

Bespoke Investment

Structured debt or equity financing designed to buy full spectrum tranches of underlying securities used primarily to accumulate significant debt or equity positions in the underlying portfolio, or targeted investments.

Collateralized Debt

Deployment of complex finance products backed by a pool of debt arrangements to serve underlying investments in greater growth/lower risk portfolios or individual investment and buy-out arrangements.

Capital Deployment

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Long Term private equity accumulation through disciplined deployment of internal capital and private equity designed to achieve significant positions in a high growth portfolio.

Management Consulting

Objective and data-driven advice to improve the performance of investment and wholly owned subsidiaries. Our advice is designed to hone the business model and drive results.

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