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Meet Our Executives

Our executive team provides leadership and data driven investment decisions based on their broad range of expertise and industry experience. With a wide range of extensive expertise managing large and medium sized corporations, we find the best knowledge is experience. Together our team brings innovative solutions and a new approach to growth investing.

John Whelan, CPA, CA


John is Voros Enterprises' Chief Executive Officer and Chair of the Board. He is tasked with strategic leadership, macro investment strategies, business planning, and fund management.

Under John's guidance, Voros Enterprises has grown to become a self sustainable private equity firm with ever growing capital resources. John's primary expertise is in opportunity identification and quantification for value strategy analysis which has enabled Voros to profit from substantial investment yield.

John is a Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA, CA) and holds a Graduate Diploma of Accountancy and an Honours Bachelor of Commerce from Queen's University School of Business.

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